A Video Message from Pastor Ned Beadel

For Our Guests with Children:

We are committed to creating a safe environment for your children that makes church a "can't miss" experience!  Here's what you can expect for your children:

-We have a sound-equipped "cry room" in the back of the worship center where you can tend to your infant/toddler and still hear the message.  This is good if your child has a mild illness so that the other children aren't exposed.

-The children all start out in the Worship Center with their families through our worship time until "The Box" (pictured) where children come forward and one of the pastors provides a children's message.  At the conclusion of "The Box", the kids are ushered over to the Children's Center.  Parents are welcome to sit in or observe through the windows of each classroom.

-The children who are checked out enjoy age-appropriate activities/crafts/lessons and will be ready to tell you all about it when you come check them out!  We are focused on helping children develop in faith and character as young as babies in the nursery

-For children ages 2 and younger, we provide a safe nursery experience where you are given a pager should your help be needed by one of the attendants.

-All teachers and attendants that work with children are properly screened and trained for your peace of mind.

What to Expect at Desert Winds:

We gather every Sunday with the expectation that great things will happen!  We know that visiting a church for the first few times can be intimidating, so here's what you can expect at DWCC:

-Each service lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes singing led by a worship band/vocalists, announcements, prayer, the giving of tithes and offerings, and a message.

-We don't make you introduce yourselves!!!  We'd love it if you would sign our friendship pad when it passes by so we can follow-up with you, but we don't require anything.

-Come dressed as you feel comfortable!

-Feel free to ask for help.  We have people who are supposed to look for people who might have questions, but sometimes they aren't right there.  We've all been to DWCC for the first time at once in our lives, and all of us are here to help you feel at home.

-Stick around!  Enjoy some refreshments and stop by our Information Center in the Courtyard after worship.  We have a youth time called "Middle Ground" between the 8:30/10:30 service that Jr./Sr. High Kids can enjoy while you hang out!