Bike Shop History

The DWCC Bike Shop simply started out of necessity.  While serving with AV Hope on the Go handing out water in Courson Park and praying with people there, Pastor Ken encountered a man who needed some repairs on his bicycle that he couldn’t afford to have done at a bike shop.   Having worked in a bike shop back in his college days Pastor Ken saw this as an opportunity to help.  He brought his workstand and tools back to the park and while working on this gentleman’s bike, others started to come out of nowhere saying they had flats to be fixed, or their chain was broken, etc.  That first Thursday He worked for about three hours fixing bikes and finally had to tell people to come back the following week.  Pastor Ken soon discovered the incredible need in the community for inexpensive transportation and how valuable it was for people to have a bicycle that worked.  Not only were people able to get repairs done for free or a donation of whatever they could afford, but soon, people began to donate used bicycles to the ministry.  Pastor Ken would fix the bikes up and give them away to people who needed a bike but couldn’t afford to buy one for themselves. 

Pastor Ken kept coming back to the park every Thursday for over a year and a half.  The tools, parts and workstands multiplied as people began to find out about the ministry and donated resources to help keep it going.  Others came alongside to help and the weekly outdoor bike clinic happening in Courson Park grew tremendously along with a lot of other wonderful ministries taking place at the park.  The effort that it took to setup an “outdoor bike shop” every single week became overwhelming as the ministry continued to grow in size. 

It was apparent that the need for this ministry was ongoing and that it wasn’t going to be possible to sustain the ministry at the park at the rate it was growing.  That’s when God planted the seed with Pastor Ken to use a room at the church that was being used for storage and transform it into an actual bike shop.  In November of 2012 we had the grand opening of the DWCC Bike Shop.  The weekly “free bike clinic” continues to serve many in the community.