Our History

Desert Winds Community Church was a new church start of the Reformed Church in America and the Classis of California (Regional body of churches) on March 24, 1991. Pastor Ned Beadel and his family came to the Antelope Valley at the request of the Classis of California to begin a new church in September of 1990. The desire of Pastor Ned was to start a church to reach the unchurched people of the Antelope Valley. His family soon began to get acquainted with the community by visiting other churches, speaking to other pastors and community leaders to learn the needs of the community. A month later a Bible study group was formed to begin building a core group of people to begin the church. In February of 1991 that core group of people, with the help from other Reformed Churches made 17,000 phone calls to the community of Palmdale inviting them to attend the first worship service on March 24, 1991. At the first service, there were 179 in attendance, with 80% of the people coming from un-churched backgrounds.

The first summer of Desert Winds' existence proved to be a very difficult one, for the attendance dipped to 35 people and deep discouragement set in. But through the encouragement of close friends and family they forged ahead and saw God's faithfulness to their call as God brought growth to the church, not just numerically, but spiritually as well. The church, for its first six and a half years held worship in the cafeteria at Palmdale High School while conducting mid-week ministries at a rented office space. In July of 1997 the church relocated to a 7,200 square foot storefront site where the church gathered for over 12 years.  On February 7th, 2010, we relocated to our new property on the corner of Avenue Q-13 and 13th Street East in Palmdale where we currently worship.  In March of 2011, we launched a daughter church called The Bridge, pastored by Joe Grau, who came to know Jesus and was trained in ministry at DWCC through the Classis of California.

Desert Winds Community Church is Reformed theologically and evangelical in its passion. Pastor Ned Beadel is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He came to Christ through the ministries of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California and The Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Pastor Ned, before starting Desert Winds, was a minister of music for Reformed Churches in Garden Grove and Sacramento, California. Prior to that he taught choral music at Los Alamitos High School in Southern California. Pastor Ned is married to Wendy and has three sons: Gabriel, Tommy, and Joshua, and three daughters-in-law, Stacie (married to Gabriel), Brandy (married to Tommy), and Pam (married to Joshua).